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#PDI2017 - Testimonials about the event

Dr. Claudine Hamel Desnos (Franța)

Claudine Hamel Desnos (France): “Everything was perfect”
At the 6’th edition of the PDI, guests were also from France. In the conference hall and in those where work-shops were held or works were presented there was big names of medicine, specialists in their fields.
For the first time in Iasi, Mrs. Claudine Hamel Desnos was impressed by the beauty of the city and the hospitality of the hosts, as well as the impeccable organization of the event. By his reign, PDI won an emeritus in his grand family. “It’s magnificent and I’m impressed with the organization. The proposed works were very interesting, of high scientific level. Very important is the collaboration with specialists from other specialties, the interdisciplinary character being appreciated” said Dr. Claudine Hamel Desnos.
He is the president of the French Society of Flebology and a member of the French College of Vascular Medicine in France. He is also a member of the Multidisciplinary Phlebology Committee for the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). He has been a specialist in vascular medicine since 1987. He has practiced both a private practice and a Caen Normandy University Hospital for 10 years. Then he practiced at the Saint Martin Caen Hospital in the Department of Vascular Medicine and Surgery, where he works today, the main field of expertise being phlebology. From the very beginning, he paid special attention to ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy for the treatment of varicose veins. He initiated the first controlled, randomized study that compared the results of liquid and sparkling sclerotherapy to the treatment of large safen veins. This study was published in Dermatological Surgery in 2003. He published many articles in both French and English, and chapters in specialized books in the field of endovenoid treatments.
At the 6th edition of the PDI, he presented a paper entitled “Interet De La Mousse et de L’echo-Doppler en Sclerotherapie Esthetique”, which has given a maximum interest.
“What can I say in the end? Everything was perfect, highly trained lecturers, and impeccable organization. I will come back to Iasi with love, “was the message of Mrs. Claudine Hamel Desnos.

Dr. Philippe Desnos

The participation in the 6’th edition of the PDI was also a debut for Dr. Philippe Desnos (France), who appreciated the large number of participants, the value of the works and the beauty of Iaşi, “the romanians being very hospitable”. “The Scientific Committee has had a hard work to do and I appreciated it. The topics were very interesting, scientifically. It is to appreciate the interdisciplinary character, but also the approach of the subjects” said Dr. Philippe Desnos. He presented a paper titled “Actualites du traitément ionophorese de l’hyperhidrose essentielle”, and Philippe Desnos was known for his research in this field.
Dr. Philippe Desnos graduated from the Caen Faculty of Medicine, holds a degree in Electrotherapy at the Faculty of Medicine in Toulouse and another in Bioengineering at the Faculty of Medicine in Paris. He has also specialized in angiology and vascular medicine and is author of numerous articles on hyperhidrosis.

Prof. univ. dr. Diana Deleanu

“They all had to learn at the PDI and left with beautiful impressions on Cluj”

At the sixth edition, Cluj was represented by a large delegation of students, residents and doctors. We were glad to have with us again Prof.univ.dr. Diana Deleanu, who gave us a short interview.
– As president of the Romanian Society of Clinical Allergology and Immunology, how do you appreciate an international interdisciplinary manifestation such as PDI? How important is it?
– Multidisciplinary manifestations are extremely important because they make us understand our patients from different “windows”. A patient does not have a disease but is a personality that has a genetic code (inherited) over which the environment and the experience of life have made their mark, modifying the gift of birth. I refer to epigenetics and how it inflects the expression of our genes. In addition, we no longer have an individual with a single affection, but many of our patients suffer from more affections! Manifestations attended by guests from various places of the world teach us, doctors, what is done and how to do in medicine on other meridians. Sometimes things are close to our practice, sometimes we have a lot of learning.
– What was the reasons why you chose to participate in the Iasi event? What’s new in the general assembly of medical manifestations in Romania?
– There were several reasons for my participation. I will begin with the most important: the quality of the scientific manifestation. Second, I would like to recall the sentimental reason: Iasi is a spring of culture and civilization of Romania and everything that is done here is beneficial for the whole country! I do not forget the fidelity criterion because I am at least my fifth participation, all of which are followed by pleasant memories. I am here with the young generation from Cluj, my resident colleagues, who all had to learn at PDI and leave with beautiful impressions on Cluj. Last but not least, I am honored to participate with Ms. Daciana Brănişteanu, the heart of this leading medical event! And the last argument would be the mandatory collaboration between dermatologists and allergologists, representing the Romanian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. I’m glad the number of participating allergists is growing every year!
– You have also participated in previous editions. Something pleasant?
– I will give a short but comprehensive answer: everything. From program to organization.
– You have participated in many international meetings. How do Romanian specialists appreciate abroad?
– Unfortunately we are making a hard time, we are few in the great world of doctors-researchers, but where the Romanian colleagues have been greatly appreciated. We have an important name in gastroenterology, the future president of the European Academy of Alergology is a Romanian, Ioana Agache.
– Here we invite you to change the register and look to Professor Diana Deleanu. What prompted you to choose a doctor? What does this profession mean for you?
– A sad event of my childhood. My father was an architect, he died young, 40 years old because of gastric cancer, while I was 13 years old and I dreamed of being an architect because I was talented in mathematics and drawing, I liked art. The sad story directed me to medicine. My mother worked in research at a renowned clinic in Cluj, in the field of immunology, which was at the beginning, talking about the 1970s. Later, in college, I met a dermatologist who deals with allergology. She managed to make me, since the third year of Medicine, to wish me to do allergology, a dream that I followed step by step.
– There are many young people at Dermatological Spring. A message for future doctors?
– Love your patients, be empathetic with them!

Prof. univ. dr. Egidia Miftode

“It is very important what has been done in the PDI”
Manifestations based on collaborations between specialties have always been successful because they address a large number of participants to which both specialists and residents and students join. In the case of the PDI, this has been observed from the beginning, as has been shown by the increase in the number of specialties involved in the six editions.
“The organizers have been able to bring together specialists from the preclinical and clinical areas. We can not progress in establishing a diagnosis without the two directions. It is very important what has been accomplished because there are new things, things that must be heard, seen by many people, from many specialties, and this is an increasingly important detail in our field. We can not be without one another” says Prof. Univ. Dr. Egidia Miftode.
He has participated since the first edition of PDI, an event that brings year by year high-level scientific news to the medical community of Iaşi and not only because of the large number of participants from all over the country and abroad.
“I responded with great pleasure to the invitation. The main reason was the need to warn of the risks that certain therapies would involve, for example in the field of dermatology, but also in other areas that reduce immunity, thus providing the premises for the development of infectious diseases or the reactivation of latent viruses. It is very important from my point of view that these things are known to be preventable so that the treatment is done early. Another reason would be the fact that it is necessary to update the data on dermatological disorders therapy that have an infectious determinism when we witness major changes in antibiotic susceptibility to microorganisms. A correct approach to this pathology will not only affect the healing of patients but also the health of the population. We are trying to prevent the emergence of a multidrug resistance pandemic”.
At this year’s edition, he presented a paper on “Reactivating HVB and Biological Therapy in Dermatology”. A consistent participation of infectious disease specialists was noted in the works. “It is extremely beneficial because we have the opportunity to say certain things in order to prevent these multidrug resistances that will prevent us in the near future, hope that it can not happen like this, could prevent us from treating you Infectious disease, “the specialist cautioned.” He also appreciated the participation of young people, for whom he had a message of soul: “Apart from the fact that we must always keep in touch with the new one, I would convey to them that no matter the specialty , He must look at the patient as a whole and consider each system because, as an incomplete equation can never be solved, no diagnosis could be put right if he did not see man in his complexity. ”
Prof. Dr. Egidia Miftode is a primary physician, specialized in infectious diseases, teacher at the Department of Infectious Diseases at UMF “Gr. T. Popa” Iasi. He has participated as a co-investigator in clinical experimentation of linezolid and amoxicillin-clavulanic acid antibiotics, investigator and co-investigator in diagnostic studies (Fibrodict) and treatment (Prophesys) of chronic hepatitis with HCV. Since 2000, he has been an active participant in the European Program for the Study of Nosocomial Infections. He has conducted studies (communicated and published) on the diagnosis, treatment and epidemiology of infectious diseases in eastern Romania.

Prof. univ. dr. Ingrith Miron

“Pediatrics and dermatology are inextricably linked”
Six years of Spring Dermatological Spring, a national scientific event with international participation, brings together renowned specialists, doctors, residents and students who want to find the latest news in the field. Prestigious lecturers from the country and abroad have supported high-profile scientific works, discussed news in different areas, and shared experience. The information was very important and very well received by the audience, as well as the lecturers who were happy to offer their case.
Prof. univ. Dr. Ingrith Miron, the coordinator of the Pediatrics Discipline at UMF “Grigore T. Popa” and the head of the 4’th Pediatrics Clinic of the “Emergency Clinical Hospital for Children” Saint Maria Iasi appreciated this elite manifestation:
“It was important to participate because pediatrics and dermatology are linked. Much of the child’s pathology is expressed so-called skin and mucous. This organ, the skin, which has a particular fragility in the child, is the expression of many diseases, sometimes very serious. It is the expression of so-called modern diseases, generated by all sorts of allergens. The child is very often touched by all sorts of pollutant-type reactions, food, poorly tolerated drugs, autoimmune diseases that have skin expression, infectious diseases that are also very obvious in this organ, and finally, unfortunately, malignant diseases. Approximately 30 percent of the child’s leukemias have expression also on the cutaneous level” said prof. Dr. Ingrith Miron.
She appreciated the very high level of all the works and the lecturers readiness. “I think the scientific level is very high. This can also come from specialists who have come from abroad, not less important people in the country, people who are focused on certain subspecialties of dermatology, who bring the latest news in their field or who present cases that were very private, inciting the discussion of those who attended such expositions, but also motivating them to give their opinions or comments given that they may had the same kind of cases”. Prof. Dr. Ingrith Miron, adding that “we support our colleagues not only by providing them with many cases, not only by working together on complex cases, but also in a scientific context, discussing diseases, innovative treatments that of course belong to both specialties – pediatrics and dermatology equally.”
Prof. univ. Dr. Ingrith Miron is a member of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, the Romanian Society of Pediatric Oncohematology, the European Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOPE), the International Society of Medical Genetics

Cercet. St. Gr. I Dr. Daniel Boda

“The most important thing in medical life is the ties that are formed in collectives or between collectives”
The editions of the Sixth Edition of the Dermatological Spring from Iasi (PDI) continue to arrive. The participants, renowned specialists from Romania and abroad, university professors, students, residents, invited lecturers, were all glad to be together at this beautiful event whose general theme was “Dermatology at the interface with other specialties”.
PDI has become an emblematic event in its field, which rises above its confrasts not only thanks to its high professionalism, but also thanks to the wonderful atmosphere it spreads. When you say PDI you say elegance, elitism, friendship. It is like a good quality show because the whole event is carefully thought out, organized and offered at the level of art. PDI has been remarked since the first editions since it has imposed a high standard of quality, a benchmark that initiators supported year after year with abnegation. PDI is distinguished not only by elegance, by the quality of the works, but also by the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary character, values ​​with which it has made a business card.
“I come for the sixth time at the Dermatological Spring Garden. I always had a good feeling when I came to Iasi. It is a wonderful city, the scientific company is selected. The most important thing in medical life is the ties that are formed in collectives or between collectives. I appreciate the increasing scientific level, but also the increasing presence. It is a very good event for the Romanian medical school” said 1st degree scientific researcher dr. Daniel Boda and vice-president of the PDI, vice-president of the Romanian Society of Dermatology-Oncology.
Dr. Vasile Benea, scientific researcher, the coordinator of the Dermatovenerology Research Laboratory at the “Victor Babes” Clinic Hospital in Bucharest was glad to return to Iasi as a guest lecturer and vice-president of the PDI. “It is a great honor to take part in this year’s Dermatological Spring Day at the sixth edition. I want to wish for as many other editions. It is a great opportunity for us to meet with this occasion, which is a real scientific matter. It is a great framework to change opinions, to find different opinions regarding the interdisciplinary topics, “Vasile Benea thought.

Conf. dr. Claudia Gherman

“This manifestation is the fruit of an enormous work, of a maximum effort invested”
Dermatological Spring from Iasi (PDI) is a very beautiful scene on which many collaborations are taking place – some new, beginning at each edition, others already established, as they are with the ms. conf. Dr. Claudia Gherman of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Iuliu Haţieganu” from Cluj.
Specialist in cardiovascular surgery, he has an old relationship with PDI and is also present in previous editions. “I returned to Iasi in a friendly atmosphere, which I left last year not sadly, but with the joy that I will return to continue what I left in the field of projects and collaborations”. He is part of the large family of PDI, he is a member who knows all the details of the path of this child called PDI. “PDI has had a beautiful evolution, now it’s almost teenager and from this point of view we will remain eternal adolescents. Even if we are older, the PDI must always remain a permanent spring. Indeed, evolution is more than commendable, it is an event for which there is never enough appreciation, a manifestation of a great extent and an exceptional scientific attitude “, said Conf. Dr. Claudia Gherman.
The number of guests, lecturers and participants, and the quality of the presentations, have been on the rise as well as that of students and residents, not only in Iasi, but across the country. “This event has become known and awaited. Our students and residents in Cluj come with great joy, with a deep curiosity about the new and relationships they can find and establish because the young people have their projects and collaborations. I say this as a teacher who sees this phenomenon from within” said Dr. Claudia Gherman. If it were to describe in a few words the PDI, “seriousness, professionalism, high scientific level and friendship” could be the nuances with which the manifestation has become emblematic for years.
Like the rest of the participants, he fully agreed that touching hand, conf. dr. Daciana Brănişteanu, gave her the note of elegance and graciously embraced her. The organizers were glad that each edition has new names, attracted by the echo that PDI has every year, but also personalities with whom the dermatology school grew nicely in Iasi. “We think with confidence in the future and still project my existence in the collaborations that will come. Indeed, the collaboration we started a few years ago with Mrs. Daciana Brăniteşteanu was extremely fruitful. Work is the common denominator that characterizes us. This manifestation is the fruit of an enormous work, of a maximum effort invested. He opened this door to collaborations with other disciplines. I find myself here as a vascular surgeon and found that dermatology is a particle of vascular surgery and treating the patient with vascular pathology. I wish that in autumn, when we organize the Congress of Angiology and Vascular Surgery in Cluj, the part of Iasi dermatology will be with us. The joint projects that we are going to develop will be continued this autumn, and next year we will, of course, come back with new subjects, every time, so that we can increase dermato-vascular collaboration”. In other words, spring starts in Iasi, in autumn, in Cluj, then the projects continue.
Conf. Dr. Claudia Gherman is a general surgery surgeon and primary vascular surgeon at the Surgery Clinic II of Cluj County Emergency Clinical Hospital and Head of the Humanities Abilities – Humanities Department of the Medical Faculty of Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Dr. Ștefan Jianu

“PDI has a consistency and quality that grows from year to year”
Six years have passed since Dr. Ştefan Jianu, general surgeon practice with phlebology expertise, general manager of the ProEstetica Hospital in Bucharest, participated in the first edition of Dermatological Spring From Iasi (PDI). Six years that they say have a much higher weight for a scientific event when it can be repeated annually. But besides the specific weight of the PDI, acquired through the efforts of the whole team and especially of the associate professor Daciana Brănişteanu, there is also the dimension with which the PDI was organized from year to year.
“It is very important that more and more specialists, residents and students, as we have seen lately, are very interested in dermatology and interconnection with other specialties. I say much more than that because it is about the consistency of the manifestation, of a quality that grows from year to year. And I give as an example the presence of Professor Michel Perrin (Honorary President of the Sixth Edition of the PDI), who, from my point of view, is a phlebologist who is tangled with the skin manifestations of phlebology, is a landmark in the world. When participating in a manifestation, it is from an international start and of an expessive quality. This is also happening in Iaşi, in a city so beautiful and dear to me” Dr. Ştefan Jianu noted.
He has been attracted since the first edition of the idea. “You know how it is – you choose or she chooses you. It is also about the relationship created during the years in what was called the Phlebology Expert Group, in which I participated with the Associate Professor Daciana Brăniteşteanu and other specialists. Experts in phlebology can be both dermatologists, both general surgeons, both phlebologists and vascular surgeons or specialists in other fields. Here, for the first time, a link was created that is absolutely necessary when it comes to chronic venous disease, which can not be treated by a single specialist, and many physicians are needed. Then, when the idea was born in Iasi, I was summoned by the proposal I received with love. I am emotionally tied to the north of Moldova, because my wife (dr. Dana Jianu – n.a.) is from Bucovina, and for 30 years we come here every year or in the area. We are at home and therefore we are happy to return to Iasi”, Dr. Jianu admitted.
He has also greatly appreciated the scientific level, from a very high beginning. It has been a win for everyone, both for those who come and present from their experience, as well as those who hear, participate, interact and gain experience. “I turn to the consistency of the event that brings together such specialists, primarily dermatological, because it is the red thread, but also the ones with which dermatology works and needs to diagnose, to treat some diseases. Here comes my role as a general surgeon with phlebology expertise. We have a lot to do, and from year to year the level of work is definitely better and better, “said Dr. Stefan Jianu. He has prepared a paper on “Recurrence after endovenous laser treatment of varicose veins”: “It is an experience that I felt the need to share with the participants. I have begun in Romania 10 years ago, the endovenos laser and somehow being a pioneer, probably with most cases, then it is my joy to share the experience and the results. ” For six years, the Spring Dermatological Spring has a motor – the university lecturer Daciana Brănisteanu and a lot of well assembled parts. “It is flawless. I hope to continue doing so and even more, “concluded Dr. Jianu.

Dr. Dana Jianu

“PDI is medicine and friendship”
Dermatological Spring From Iasi (PDI) is a long-awaited event in the medical world, with the presence of many specialists since the first edition.
According to well-known physician Dana Jianu, PDI has had a very promising, strengthened, healthy development. “It is a landmark for dermatological medical manifestations and not only. PDI also has the merit of coagulating many disciplines, is a multidisciplinary and multidisciplinary event and I could also say an intergenerational one. We find here from the earliest presentations in their professional career, such as students or prospective students, to residents, seniors with international and national reputation”, said Dr Dana Jianu, scientific researcher of the ProEstetica Medical Center on the Academy of Sciences Medical in Romania, a renowned doctor at national and international level for his expertise and contribution to cosmetic plastic surgery.
Dr Dana Jianu has a specialization in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery and a Doctorate in Extrication Malformations and Bioethics. At the 6th edition of the PDI he was a lecturer in the course “Dermatological Surgery – from simple to complex”. The work of his reign entitled “Correction of the eyelids and periorbital region – surgically closed, open and injectable” was followed with great interest by all those present in the “Mihai Duca” Amphitheater, proved to be inconclusive. “Looks play a very important role in establishing relationships with other people. It also occupies an important place in the face economy, and it is important to pay more attention to it” explained Dr. Dana Jianu , justifying her choice in Iasi.
He appreciated the whole scientific level of the event, “which presents year and year a rigor and a high standard”. “We complete our knowledge here and diffuse from our experience. It’s a very good scientific level”. In his opinion, PDI is not only an exceptional medical event, it is a multifaceted, not just multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary event. “I could say that it is like a spring flower with many petals, but also as a precious stone that polishes beautifully in time. At PDI, they are all caught in a crown, and every time I want to be surprised and I’m surprised. I appreciate the wide range of scientific and interest, which combines social, cultural and knowledge-based events of our own country, discovering people, a benefit especially for those who visit our country. PDI is friendship and medicine and we come with love a year, “concluded Dr Dana Jianu.
The 6th edition of the PDI was also welcomed by the College of Physicians in Romania, submitted by Dr. Liviu Oprea, the president of the Iasi branch, through a conf. Dr. Razvan Socolov: “I want to send you the best wishes and thoughts from Mr. President Liviu Oprea. Dermatological Spring from Iasi is a tradition. It is a double pleasure to attend because the Associate Professor Daciana Brănişteanu is an old friend of mine and I have always enjoyed the way this event unfolds. We enjoy interdisciplinarity and provide you with the support of the College of Physicians. “

Prof. Univ. Dr. dr Aristides Tsatsakis

PDI – “It’s a great deal to be together in this beautiful atmosphere”
The list of international lecturers brought together 15 sound names in their fields of activity. For the first time in Iaşi, Dr. Aristides Tsatsakis, professor of toxicology at the University of Crete, director of the Department of Toxicology and Criminal Sciences of the Medical School of the University of Crete and of the Morphology Division at Heraklion University Hospital, sent a message:
“You already know that Iasi has a long history of common history with Greece, hence Iasion leaving many historical actions. I am glad to be here and am pleased with the magnitude of such a manifestation dedicated to dermatology in combination with other disciplines. I wish you much success and whether the future is much better than the past and present”, said Prof. Dr. Aristides Tsatsakis. For six years, he has many collaborations with universities in Romania. “We have published articles together in the field of toxicology and oncology and can say that the level of training in Romania has increased greatly in recent years”, Prof. Dr. Tsatsakis added. “Toxicology and Risk Analysis Challenges in the 21st Century” was the theme chosen by for the 6th edition of the PDI.
From Greece he returned to Iaşi with joy and Dr. Nikolaos Drakoulis. He is Professor of Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Athens, the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy. He is a member of the European Medicines Agency, the Hellenic Society of Clinical Chemistry, the German Society of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapy, the International Society for the Study of Xenobiotics, the German Society for Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology.
“I am very happy to be in Iasi at this event. Dermatological Spring from Iasi is a good opportunity to revisit our dear friends, collaborators from various international associations in which we operate. I wish them all the best of the organizers. It is extremely important to be together in this beautiful atmosphere”, admitted Dr Nikolas Drakoulis. “SENSITIVE DNA-ARRAY DETECTION AND TYPING IN ASYMPTOMATIC PARTNERS OF HPV-INFECTED INDIVIDUALS” was the title of the paper he held in Iasi in a backyard.

Prof. univ. dr. Simona-Roxana Georgescu

#PDI – Friendship and science at the highest level
Dermatological Spring from Iasi has earned, over the years, its special place among the manifestations. It is also very interesting to have such a high-profile scientific manifestation with international participation that looks at dermatology through other specialties and to facilitate the dialogue between various medical specialties on subjects of common interest.
“PDI is not just a high-profile scientific manifestation but also a great opportunity to meet people, colleagues, to have dear collaborators. It is a wonderful moment to make an exchange of professional and personal experience, to know each other, to connect relationships that can help us throughout our professional life. It is about friendship, but also science at the highest level”, prof. Univ. Dr. Simona Georgescu from UMF “Carol Davila” Bucharest, co-chair of the Dermatological Spring Spring.
Prof. univ. Dr. Simona-Roxana Georgescu is the Head of Dermatology Discipline at the Faculty of Dentistry of UMF “Carol Davila” and Head of Dermatology Clinic at “Victor Babes” Hospital for Infectious and Tropical Diseases in Bucharest. He is part of the Bucharest Academic Clinic team, a top team, consisting of 15 professors and university lecturers and over 100 primary doctors and specialists. He always comes to Iaşi with love and eager to meet renowned specialists, and this year he was accompanied by a large group of students and a team of resident doctors.

Prof. univ. dr. Lăcrămioara Ionela Șerban

“Such manifestations are of real use to our specialists”
The sixth edition of the Dermatological Spring Spring brought together over 1,400 participants, highlighting the great presence of young people, a welcome thing that proves their interest in becoming very good specialists. The event was organized under the auspices of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” in Iasi.
“Such events are of great benefit to our specialists, young teachers, students and residents. I am convinced that this wide international participation, with prestigious names in the field, made them more receptive “, remarked prof. Dr. Lăcrămioara Ionela Şerban, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine.
The hall that hosted the works was blasted throughout the three days. The best specialists from Romania, as well as guests from France, Greece, USA, Italy and Austria, spoke about the inovation in dermatology. They have been highly lecturers at both national and international level. This year, 15 personalities of the international medical world were present at the Dermatological Spring Institute not only in the field of dermatology, but also in vascular surgery, toxicology, phlebology, dermato-oncology, etc.
“Every time I come to PDI I am surprised to see this dialogue between the various specialties, border things that I have not often been aware of, and the unexpected implications that skin has on devices and systems where popular perception is, at least, they are unrelated” added prof. dr. Robert Ancuceanu, pro-dean from “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest.

Prof. univ. dr. George Sorin Țiplică

“We rarely have such manifestations today”
Present for the third time at the Dermatological Spring from Iasi, prof. Dr. George Sorin Ţiplică, a member of the Romanian Society of Dermatology and of the Romanian Medical Association, appreciated not only the scientific level of the event but also the way of organizing and the structure of the event. “I rejoice with joy because it is a very lively type of action, with a lot of scientific information and rarely happening to have such manifestations today. There are few, and those who do so do very much and we have to support them. I’m glad the audience is growing, it’s diversifying. There are also work-shop sessions, which would be very good for other colleagues to understand that there is a demand for this”, said Prof. Univ. Dr. George Sorin Ţiplică.
He presented an ecto-parasitosis theme and wanted to alert him about the treatments available in our country and those used for ectoparasites, a pompo name behind which the scar, the head pediculosis of the body, which we unfortunately reunite. “We find that the medicines we use are from another generation and we could have access to some more potent, practically the ones recommended by the WHO and the transmissible disease prevention centers in Europe and the US,” said the PDI lecturer. Has greatly appreciated the scientific level of the works: “Excellent, as always. We are accustomed and somewhat lauded by the associate professor Daciana Brănişteanu with such events at which the scientific standard is very high. It is very good that, in addition to our colleagues in the country, we have colleagues from abroad, who come and rejoice in their expence”.
PDI has a very good national visibility, and echoes have shown that there is a need for as many editions as possible. “At first, things were like, “Why do we still need a manifestation? ” For example, in Bucharest we started, at about the same time, an action called the Dermatological Summer School in Bucharest and we were wondering with Daciana whether it is possible to find a public and a space in this field of dermatology. We find that yes, there is room for that. We focused on work-shops and if the event took place every two years, it will now be annual because it is demand. Our colleagues want to know what’s happening in the world of dermatology. We are glad that the young medical specialists and residents ask for such a thing and we decided to take the bull of the horns and do what it takes because it is a sin. There are many people who have begun to be concerned about segments of dermatology that are extremely interesting and not addressed because they have an encyclopaedic picture of dermatology. It needed a connection with reality and a relationship with other colleagues. Dermatology is a living science. There is no medical or surgical specialty to deal with. I wish her Spring Dermatological Spring success and continue to be present in the medical manifestations “, concluded prof. Dr. George Sorin Ţiplică.
He is also a member of EADV (European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology), a founding member of CEEDVA, a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), member of the European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR) EDF (European Dermatological Forum).

Dr. Sonia Bădulici

“Our pride in hosting such a manifestation such as PDI in Romania is justified”
“Para-phenylenediamine, dispersed dyes, benzalkonium chloride and not just these: pertinence, solutions?” was the title of the paper presented by Dr. Sonia Bădulici. He is a constant presence in the Dermatological Spring From Iasi, a posture from which he can offer an overview of the event at any time. “Years pass over us, go over our knowledge, knowledge needs up-dated, patients waiting for us with news. I am as glad that after every edition that Iasi receives me with open arms, that I learn many things, that I make new friends among my colleagues. The scientific level of the event is high and forces you to keep up. You also have emotions because you can not go down the standard”, acknowledged Dr. Sonia Badulici .
Her participation in the PDI has a very beautiful story behind. “We chose this manifestation as a natural consequence of an old friendship with the associate professor Daciana Brănişteanu. I do not know if it happened that people would get to an exam. He was a member of the Examination Board and I was one of the candidates for the title of dermatologist. It is a friendship doubled by respect for the teacher, and by his reign to the candidate, who can be a candidate at any age”, smiled Dr. Sonia Bădulici.
At the sixth edition of the PDI, he presented a clinical case. “It was the starting point of a multidisciplinary discussion because she needed a dermatologist, myself, an allergist, an ophthalmologist. The case was interdisciplinary. I wanted to tell colleagues from my experience, if they encounter similar cases with multiple positive tests, to interpret them by calling on other colleagues, by resorting to the real lessons we give to patients”.
At the end of the event, he retired with remarkable memories of both PDI and Iasi. “At first I know I would have regretted a year if I had not. I leave with the impression that our pride in hosting such a manifestation in Romania is justified, I leave good news for the patients at home. I have a few areas that I am passionate about, such as dermato-allergology, because I was originally a medical practitioner. I am leaving with an extraordinary impression not only about PDI, but also about Iasi. I was in a guided tour of Iaşi, I visited the Palace of Culture, which is extraordinary. It was like a return in time. I took history and I saw it at home”, said dr. Sonia Bădulici.

Dr. Monica Dărmănescu

“PDI meets the need of Romanian doctors to develop professionally in a quality scientific environment”
* Dialogue with dr. Monica Dărmănescu, Military Emergency University Hospital in Bucharest.
Spring Dermatological from Iasi brought together lectures, courses and workshops. One of the lecturers of the course “Dermatological surgery – from simple to complex” was dr. Monica Dărmănescu, doctor of medicine and primary dermatologist at the Central Military Emergency University Hospital in Bucharest. He presented a paper titled “Essential Concepts and Essential Principles in Surgical Dermatology”, received with great interest by students, residents and doctors. Finally, Dr. Monica Dărmănescu kindly gave us a brief interview.
– You have participated since the first edition of Dermatological Spring Spring. If you were to take a look back in time how would you appreciate the evolution of the event?
– The first edition of the event brought a new breath, an atmosphere of science and professionalism in an appropriate environment, an atmosphere of communication and learning useful to the Romanian dermatological and medical environment. Through the involvement of the organizers, the event has already reached the 2017 edition, with an impeccable quality of the presented works, with both national and international lecturers. Primaderma has proven to be a useful conference to share clinical experience, presenting cutting edge avant-garde scientific notions and novelties to a quality medical act useful to both practitioners and specialist doctors.
– What were the reasons why you chose to participate in the Iasi event? What’s new for you?
– The motivation for participation is in the desire to share of colleagues clinical experience and also to translate from the experience gained in certain medical practices in line with international standards.
– How did you appreciate participation? Something pleasant?
– Participation brings novelties into daily practice.
– You work in a university hospital, you have participated in many international meetings. How do Romanian specialists appreciate abroad?
– It is true that the commitment of a physician to the patient involves dedication and professionalism, sustained by personal efforts to complete a quality medical act. My participation in national and international conferences, continuing medical education programs, both as a participant and as a guest lecturer, made it possible to appreciate that Romanian physicians are highly appreciated and even involved in supporting theoretical and practical courses in these scientific manifestations.
This suggests the appreciation of Romanian doctors and, why not, the indirect recognition of the Romanian medical school.
– What prompted you to choose a doctor? What does this mission mean for you?
– Choosing the profession of a doctor was a personal one, it was a natural evolution, I have in my family doctors whose personality was an example to me in my childhood. The profession of doctor is one of the most beautiful and noble, it is a commitment of dedication. I would choose the same thing if I were to get it over.
– How important is a manifestation such as Isle of Spring Dermatology?
– The event meets the need of Romanian doctors to develop professionally in a quality scientific environment, to share clinical experiences and last-minute medical approaches, aligned with international standards, for the benefit of a quality medical act for the patient.

Dr Viviana Iordache

“Who has once reached the PDI will come back with love”
Dermatological Spring from Iasi brought together a series of very interesting symposiums that featured themes for the first time. One of these was the “Juvederm Volite Integration in the Vycross Collection for Volume, Smoothness and Skin Hydration”, supported by Dr. Viviana Iordache, member of the American and European Dermatology Academy and Allergan Expert.
“I feel great! For me, being only the second edition, I am very pleased to see that the expectations created last year have been fulfilled this year as well. I have come up with a paper that I introduce my first in Romania, a new product destined for skin restructuring, a product that makes the skin grow harder and keep better”, said Dr. Viviana Iordache. The product was launched internationally in Paris, and in Romania for the first time in Iasi, PDI enjoying this exclusivity.
Dr Viviana Iordache appreciated, like many lecturers, the high standard, beyond the number increased compared to last year. “I am amazed that the number of speakers and participants has increased and continues to grow. It’s hard to imagine there is still room in this very competitive world. The world of dermatology is divided into many subdivisions – there are dermatologist surgeons, there are dermatologist clinicians, there are pediatric dermatologists. There are many categories and yet we are fortunate enough to see in one place, at the same time, representative doctors in his field”. Interdisciplinarity is a defining characteristic of the manifestation, with topics of great interest, which reach more specialties or, more precisely, reach more problems and needs of the patient.
“Beyond the creation of niches, which is happening in the medical world, because physicians are focusing more and more narrowly, you rarely find that there are specialists who deal with several fields at the same time, and this exchange of information Experience and expertise make your heart grow with joy. In the medical world, we are struggling with all sorts of administrative, financial, legal issues that make communicating with the patient and sometimes difficult work to do”.
Another distinct feature of this event is the free ticket offered to students to attend these conferences. “It’s a wonderful thing. At international level, the fee for a congress of dermatology is not less than 600 euros. And if students or residents are making cuts, they are not really big, they do not go up to half that amount. But there are also congresses with fees of 800 or 1,000 euros per participant. The fact that the same speakers, and I am proud to be one of them, are participating in Romania, and students have the opportunity to listen to speakers whom abroad they could not meet without huge costs will surely increase their interest in our field”, added Dr. Viviana Iordache. He also had a final thought for the young – “It is never good to lose your enthusiasm and every time you make an effort to be sure that in medicine you will be rewarded. We are convinced that we will see again, because whoever has once reached the PDI will come back with love. “

Loredana Curecheriu - Presedinte SSMI

“PDI means enthusiasm, evolution, family, medicine and professionalism”
The Sixth Edition of the Dermatological Spring from Iasi was also in partenership with the Society of Medical Students in Iasi (SSMI). The young enthusiasts were very involved in the organization of the event and were very proud to be in a distinguished company, of which important lecturers from Romania and abroad, as well as residents, young doctors and students from other universities Of medicine in the country. Looking at their faces, you could read the maximum interest in the works, the courses, and the desire to meet new people and make friends.
“I flourished with the PDI, together with the associate professor Daciana Brănişteanu and with the students team. I’ve been to all the editions, I enjoyed playing a lot. It is a formidable opportunity to meet and listen to lecturers of a high scientific engagement. The interest for this event increases from year to year, it is seen not only by the increasing number of lecturers, but also by the public”, said Loredana Curecheriu, president of the Medical Students’ Society in Iasi.
An indication of the maximum interest for the manifestation is also the maximum speed with which the registration lists for the PDI are completed. “There are more and more participants, the PDI family has grown. The lecturer is the engine, and the high standard and quality of the event attract more and more participants. For us, young people, it is an opportunity and an honor to be at the PDI”, Loredana Curecheriu added. Students were delighted with both courses, works, and work-shops, and this was seen. “If you are to synthesize in a few words, PDI is enthusiasm, evolution, family, medicine and professionalism,” smiled Loredana Curecheriu.

Dermatological spring from Iasi in images

We are waiting you at
”Dermatological Spring From Iasi” 2017

Dear colegues and friends of Dermatological Spring from Iasi manifestation,


A few days has remaining from the 6’th edition of the National Scientific Manifestation with international participation “Dermatological Spring from Iasi”. For many of us the coming of spring reminds us of one of the most anticipated interdisciplinary and interactive events that will take place this year from March 29 to April 2 in Iasi.

Dermatological Spring in Iasi organized by the Association of Dermatologists from Moldova under the aegis of the University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T.Popa”, Colegiul Medicilor Romania, Colegiul Farmacistilor Romania, Clinical Emergency Hospital “St. Spiridon “, is shaped as a School of Dermatology skin pathology debating topics at the interface with other specialties, in a sequence of courses, lectures and workshops. The event was noted, since the first edition, with a high degree of professionalism and timeliness of topics, supported by elite trainers in the country and from outside the borders. Another distinct note of this event is given by nature they interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary Dermatology, Venereology, dermatology, cosmetology, phlebology, vascular surgery, allergy, immunology, infectious diseases, plastic surgery, pharmacology, pharmacognosy, phytotherapy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology , microbiology, nutrition, ophthalmology, pediatrics, internal medicine, family medicine, etc.

Honor presidents of the 2017 edition of the event, whose general theme remains “Dermatology at the interface with other specialties” will be Prof. Dr. Adrian Streinu Cercel, Prof. Dr. Niazi Khusrow (USA) and Prof. Dr Michel Perrin ( FRANCE). As in previous editions, papers will be from topics very interesting with information aligned with the standards of European scientific backed by over 50 lecturers from Romania and 15 international lecturer – Niazi Khusrow (USA), Martine Vigan (France), Michel Perrin ( France), Marie Claire Rettori (France), Claudine Hamel-Desnos (France), Jean-Luc Gerard (France), Brigitte Balme (France), Stanislava Tzaneva (Austria),  Aristides Tsatsakis (Greece) Drakoulis Nikolaos (Greece), Zippeto Donato (Italy), Christiane Deydier (France), Philippe Hamel-Desnos (France), Marie Perrier Muzet (France) and Riccardo Pampena (Italy).

Since last year have laid the foundation for the partnership between Association of dermatologilists from Moldova (ADEM) and the Society of Medicine Students from Iasi (SSMI). This partnership was a natural consequence of participation, every year of students at “Dermatological Spring from Iasi”. An impressive number of students had free access to all the work and manifestation. They are expected this year in a large number!




Among the current issues in the field of “borderline” dermatology with other medical speciality and practical impact immediately in patient care we debate themes from: infectious pathology cutaneous news related skin infection with HPV courses Phlebology (with particular emphasis on disease Chronic venous) themes dermato-oncology (hematologic malignancies expressing cutaneous lymphoma, skin, skin carcinoma, etc.), pathology hair (alopecia drug reactions) courses dermatological allergy (hives, dermatitis allergic occupational tests allergy skin desensitization specific, etc), course dermatologic surgery (from “simple to complex”), the latest in cosmetic dermatology techniques (laser therapy, skin Biorevitalization techniques, non-surgical lift, tattoo removal, etc.), ongoing pediatric dermatology, lectures on topics of psoriasis, skin discoloration, etc. psihodermatology.

In the five days of lectures, workshops and lectures, over 1,000 participants are expected from all over the country, participation which will reconfirm the national character of the event and will appreciate, once again, posture and high scientific value of the program.

Works will be sustained in Palas Congress Hall, Rossini & Verdi Halls, from 30 March to 1 April 2017.


Best regards,

Conf. Univ. Dr. Daciana Brănişteanu

President of Dermatological Association from Moldova

Co-president of “Dermatological Spring from Iasi”

Prof. Univ. Dr. Simona-Roxana Georgescu

Dear colleagues,

It is a great joy and honor for me to invite you to participate in the sixth edition of the Dermatological Spring from Iasi, which will take place between 29 March and 2 April 2017 in the Palas Complex, Conpess Hall. Now a manifestation with tradition and extensive, Dermatological Spring from Iasi is truly a scientific royal, bringing dermatology to the forefront of other specialties.

We invite you to listen a series of high-level lectures, participate in dedicated courses and workshops, present your research results and valuable personal experience over 5 exciting days with an intense and exciting program.

Everything in the background of Iasi, the charming and hospitable city we know, waiting for us as a welcoming and very dear host, to give us an unforgettable experience.







Palas Mall Iasi | Congress Hall | Sălile Rossini și Verdi
0746 450

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