Attached practitioner University Hospital of Bordeaux


Attached practitioner University Hospital of Bordeaux


Doctorate in medicine – Date of thesis: 1982   . Thesis place of achievement:   LYON

Medical Association Number: 06687 8

Current Job position:

–  Private Practice of Angiology, Phlebology and Vascular Laboratory        Since: 1984

Attached practitioner of the internal and vascular medicine department of University Hospital of Bordeaux

University degrees: part-time university lecturer (Université Victor Segalen Bordeaux); DIU Alimentation santé et Micronutrition (2007)

Area of expertise and skills: CW Doppler, Duplex-Scan, Ultra Sound Guided Sclerotherapy, Sclerotherapy, thermal ablation of varicose veins, Phlebectomy, ulcer Care, Micronutrition

Membership in professional associations :

General secretary of Société Française de Phlébologie (2014 – 2017),

Vice President of Société Française de Phlébologie (2017- current),

Member of Collège des Enseignants en Médecine Vasculaire;

Member of the Société Française de Médecine Vasculaire,

Past- president of Association Régionale des Médecins Vasculaires d’Aquitaine


Publications: since 2014

Exploration ultrasonore de l’insuffisance veineuse superficielle (JF Auvert, L Moraglia) in Les explorations vasculaires Elsevier Masson 2014

Chemical ablation of the great saphenous vein: French spirit. L Moraglia Phlebologie 2014, 67, 1, p31-25

Sclérothérapie (C. Hamel-Desnos, L. Moraglia, A.- A. Ramelet), in La maladie veineuse chronique Elsevier Masson 2015

Le Bilan échodoppler en présence de varices après intervention opératoire (PREVAIT) in Ultrasons et Phlébologie Editions Phlébologiques Françaises 2016

Epidemiology of Chronic Venous Disease of Lower Limbs in VAS European Book on Vascular Medicine/Angiology 2018