Prof. Univ. Dr. Aristides M. Tsatsakis

Professor of Toxicology (University of Crete), MSc (Chem-Teckn), PhD (Org-Chem), ERT (Toxicol)

Prof. Univ. Dr. Aristides M. Tsatsakis

Professor of Toxicology (University of Crete), MSc (Chem-Teckn), PhD (Org-Chem), ERT (Toxicol)


Professor of Toxicology (University of Crete), MSc (Chem-Teckn), PhD (Org-Chem), ERT (Toxicol), DSc (Biol-Pharm), Honoris Doctor Causa (Mendeleev), Honorary professor (Erisman), Academician RAS (National Russian Academy of Sciences)

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Professor Tsatsakis born in June 1957 is a Greek toxicologist and the first to notice the extraordinary power of combined effects at low doses in long-term of exposures in our everyday life and to set up an ambitious project with which intends to provide multi-answers related to current concerns about mixtures of chemicals from many different sources at doses around or well below the regulatory limits. His hypothesis of an increase cumulative risk from simultaneous exposure of chemicals around considered safe levels could be the starting point for passing from single-compound risk assessment to the era of cumulative risk assessment.

Aristides Tsatsakis is the Director of the Department of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences of the Medical School at the University of Crete and the University Hospital of Heraklion and Chairman Division of Morphology. He is teaching the toxicology course for medical students for 30 years and specialization toxicology topics for postgraduate programs in few universities and supervised over 30 PhDs. Dr Tsatsakis received his PhD in Chemistry from Mendeleev University in Moscow 1986 and defended the title of Doctor of Science in Biology in University of Friendship of Nations in Moscow 2004. Aristides Tsatsakis is Emeritus Professor for the Erisman Russian Federal Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology in Moscow (2014) and Honorary Doctor of the Mendeleev Moscow University in Russia (2016). In 2016 was elected Foreign Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Russia.

Aristides Tsatsakis has written over 400 peer reviewed publications in prestigious journals, is holder of several patents and has given numerous lecturers as keynote and plenary speaker in international congresses continuously for the last 15 years. Aristides Tsatsakis has coordinated as principal investigator over 40 scientific research and technology national, EU and international projects and established worldwide collaborations. Dr Tsatsakis is Editor of Food Chemical Toxicology (FCT, Elsevier), Editor in Chief of Toxicology Reports, Guest Editor of four special issues in Toxicology Letters (2), Toxicology and FCT journals, Guest editor of the RIFM-FCT issue, Associate Editor and member of the Editorial Boards in several other ISI indexed journals, was the EiC of the TOFSJ.

Aristides Tsatsakis was the President (2014-2016) of the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX) now past President and is the President of the Hellenic Society of Toxicology (2002-2016). He is the Chairman of the Hellenic ERT-HST national Registry and member of several Scientific Academies and Societies. Aristides Tsatsakis has cooperated with key national and international organizations such as WHO-IPCS, National Drug Authority and he has received the Inter Res Prom Council, IRPC 200, Eminent scientist Gold Award.

Aristides Tsatsakis has organized as president several international Congresses in the field of toxicology and forensic science among them the EUROTOX2008 in Rhodes Greece. He is also the president of the international BIONANOTOX conferences (2009 to 2017). Aristides Tsatsakis is the inspirator and founder and current president of the high-tech knowledge and research university spin-off Company ToxPlus S.A.

His main believe is that the science of toxicology is a basic necessity for living and well-being and should be strengthened as an academic discipline as it represents the necessity in protecting the health of consumers, workers, people and the environment. When acting as President of the Federation of European Toxicologists and European Societies of Toxicology (EUROTOX) took major steps for the advancement of the harmonisation process and for the registration of toxicologists in Europe and worldwide in specialisation issues.

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