Dr. Vishal Madan

Vishal Madan, MBBS (Hons), MD, FRCP
The Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Everything Skin Clinic, Cheadle, UK

Interesting cases from a tertiary laser practice
Author: Vishal Madan MBBS (Hons), MD, FRCP

Laser skin treatments are offered by dermatologists and non-dermatologists alike. Whilst most commonly presenting indications (e.g. hair reduction) require few clinical diagnostic skills, often times one will encounter conditions that will prove challenging to diagnose and treat. The speaker will discuss interesting and challenging cases which presented in his tertiary laser assessment clinics.
Knowledge of general dermatology and keeping an ‘open mind’ are important when offering laser treatments to patients. These cases should help to illustrate that appropriate training and diagnostic skills are prerequisite when running a ‘skin laser’ clinic.

Short CV

Dr Vishal Madan, MBBS (Hons), MD, FRCP is a Consultant dermatologist, Laser and Dermatological surgeon at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and Honorary Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester. After completing the Addenbrooke’s Cambridge medical rotation in 2004, he undertook his specialist training in Dermatology in Manchester. He did two fellowships- one in Laser Dermatology at the Salford Royal NHS Foundation trust and another in Mohs micrographic (Skin cancer) and reconstructive skin surgery at the Welsh Institute of Dermatology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.
Dr Madan has published 116 scientific articles, authored 10 book chapters and edited a book on specialty examination in Dermatology and another on skin cancer. He has been an invited reviewer for 11 international journals and has made 90 scientific presentations. He is the president of the British Medical Laser Association and founder director of the Everything Skin Clinic, Cheadle, Mancheser.

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