Dr. Martine Vigan

M.D., PhD Private practitioner in Dermatology, Lyon, France

Scurt CV

Specialist in dermatology and awarded a diploma in study of allergies
In charge of teaching at the university of Besançon
Responsible for the Functional Unit of Study of allergies of the Hospital St Jacques, Besançon
Doctorate in medicine in1978: thesis of medicine : ”Allergy in the nickel and the atopy„

Member of the Group of Studies and Research in Dermato-Allergologie ( GERDA)
Founder of the Network of Vigilance in Dermato-Allergologie (REVIDAL GERDA)
President of the Workgroup in the AFSSAPS, in charge of the cosmétovigilance ( 2000-2006 )
President of the GERDA, on 2008-2011.
Award Robert Degos 1998 for ” Late reading of patch tests „, European Journal of Dermatology ; Award of the City of Paris by the National Academy of Medicine of Paris the City of Paris, on 2003 for « allergie et cosmétiques »Paris expansion scientifique 2003

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