Dr. Riccardo Pampena

M.D. Freelance Dermatologist,
Centro Oncologico ad Alta Tecnologia Diagnostica, Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale
IRCCS di Reggio Emilia, Italy

An update on non-melanoma skin cancers: what’s new?

Non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSCs) represent the most common tumors in humans and consist of a heterogeneous group, mainly composed by squamous and basal cell carcinomas, but also by other less common types of tumors, such as lymphomas, Merkel cell carcinoma, Kaposi’s sarcoma and adnexal tumors.
Over recent decades, new diagnostic techniques have significantly improved our ability in diagnosing NMSCs, being dermoscopy and confocal microscopy the most useful at this purpose.
Several studies have been conducted allowing to identify the main dermoscopic and confocal criteria for cutaneous carcinomas, but also for less common NMSCs.
Furthermore, new insights have been provided in recent years, concerning the role of these techniques in diagnosing NMSCs in special sites, in defining the surgical margins or in assessing the therapeutic efficacy of non-surgical therapies for these tumors.
Finally, confocal microscopy has been successfully used in an ex-vivo setting, as an alternative to Mohs surgery.

Short CV

Dr. Riccardo Pampena is a board-certified Dermatologist specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.
He obtained his degree in Surgery and Medicine (MD) from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome in 2011 with full mark; then, he became a board-certified Dermatologist (full mark) in 2016 at the Department of Dermatology and Venereology of the Sapienza University of Rome.
Since 2011 he practices research mainly in the field of psoriasis and non-invasive diagnosis in dermato-oncology, paying particular attention to the use of non-invasive diagnostic methods, such as dermoscopy and confocal microscopy for the in vivo and ex vivo study. Since November 2016, Dr. Pampena has been working at the Skin Cancer Unit of the Arcispedale Santa Maria Nuova of Reggio Emilia, a third-level referral center for skin tumors diagnosis and management and recently became a Board Member of the International Dermoscopy Society.
Furthermore, he’s actively involved, as a statistician, in scientific studies and was the first author of a meta-analysis on “Nevus associated melanoma” published on the prestigious Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology in 2017.

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