Brănişteanu Daciana Elena MD, PhD

Brănişteanu Daciana Elena MD, PhD
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Grigore T. Popa” Iasi
Emergency Clinical Hospital “St. Spiridon “Iasi

Spring dialogues
Authors: Daciana Brănişteanu, Carmen Curea

The purpose of this spring medical dialogue is as interesting and generous as possible: two lecturers and practicing dermatologists experienced in the systemic treatment of moderate and severe psoriasis will share the challenges, questions solved and the benefits of adalimumab treatment (Humira). From the inherent emotions of the beginning of biological therapy in Romania to the cumulative management experience for 10 years of continued therapy with Humira for patients with psoriasis eligible for this treatment was a long but rewarding way. Whether we are talking about the efficacy of this therapy or its safety profile, Humira is the biological therapy we can today talk about with certainty about promises made in the daily lives of patients with psoriasis, as the real life data gathered in the 10 years of personal and Romanian experience are in perfect harmony with those obtained from clinical trials. And we will prove this by presenting a personal series of clinical cases of moderate and severe psoriasis, from simple cases to some very complex, to which this performance molecule has changed the course of patients’ lives and provided great professional rewards to the treating physician.
We promise that there will not only be a dialogue between two dermatologists experienced in the selection and correct management of Humira-treated cases of psoriasis. We invite you to participate in this spring dialogue presenting your most interesting and why not the most demanding cases. We want that following this presentation of the Romanian Humira experience in psoriasis, new opportunities will be born to find the best selection criteria for patients for this biological therapy that has already demonstrated what can be demonstrated in terms of efficacy and safety short and long term. We invite you to be interlocutors, not just ordinary listeners. Spring dialogues can lead to progress in managing patients with psoriasis!

Short CV

– Full Professor of the Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, U.M.Ph. “Grigore T. Popa” – Doctor of Medical Sciences, doctoral thesis in Acne Vulgaris (2004)
– Manager of the Dermatology, Venerology and Dermatocosmetology Center “Dermalux”, from 2004 to the present
– Primary physician dermatovenerologist at Dermatological Clinic of Clinical Emergency Hospital “St. Spiridon”, Iasi
– Competences in cutaneous pathological anatomy (Lyon, France) and in dermatocosmetology – Specialization courses in France, Lyon, University Lyon 2 (AFSA), european dermatoscopy courses, chronic venous disease, psoriasis, anti-aging, injection of fillers, lasertherapy
– Special concerns for psoriasis, coordinator of the National Education Project “Psoriasis pathology”, participating as an expert at international meetings on themes of psoriasis (Viena, Atena, Geneva), articles published in national and international journals, oral communications
– President of the Association of Dermatologists in Moldova, president of the national event with international participation “Iasi Dermatological Spring”
– Member of Board of Directors of the Romanian Society of Dermatology
– Member in International Group “Medical Reporter’s Academy”, on phlebology issues – Member of: European Academy of Dermatology, American Academy of Dermatology, French Dermatology Society, French Society of Phlebology, International Society of Dermatology, Society of Investigational Dermatology, Romanian Society of Dermatopathology, Romanian Society of Dermato Immunology, Society of Physicians and Physicists
– Coordinator of more than 100 courses of continuing medical education and postgraduate courses
– More than 400 conferences, lectures and oral communications sustained at scientific events, round table, conferences and congresses in the country, not just dermatology
– Invited lecturer to the International Congresses of: European Society of Dermatology and Venereology (ESDV), French Society of Phlebology (FSP), International Union of Phlebology (IUP)
– Expert in Chronic Venous Disease, in Sexually Transmitted Diseases, expert dermatologist in solving forensic cases
– Series Dean designated by the students, as a sign of respect and recognition of the quality of the professor
– Active involvement in scientific research (scientific research grants, national and international projects, clinical studies, scientific consultant, member of several advisory board, etc.)
– More than 230 papers published in the country and abroad, author of 23 books and chapters of Dermatology books
– Graduate of the Faculty of Medicine, U.M.Ph. “Grigore T. Popa”, Iasi, the 1991 promotion

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