Cherciu Sanda Mirela MD

Cherciu Sanda Mirela MD
Arcadia Hospital

Trends in estetics in 2019
Authors: Mirela Cherciu

Physical aspect was always a “hot “subject for discussion, because of the great impact on confidence, self-esteem and attractiveness .Technology and medical research helps the consumers request , with devices designed for non-invasive interventions , for great result and short-time recovery, as the patient want.
These requirements add the preference and the tendency to relay to regenerative procedures, which uses the own recovery capacity of the organism, speaking about PRP( platelet rich plasma ) and therapy with stem cells derived from adipocytes .
Another trend refers to male aesthetics, which increased in the past few years and also by decrease of the average age at which the patients desire the initiation of the preventive or conservative aesthetic procedures .
Ablative or non-ablative laser devices are an important part of the aesthetic offer, with interventions at the facial level and cervical area, with good effect on wrinkles, .cutaneous laxity, specific issues( redness, pigmentation, scars) but also for the corporal therapies that follow the definition of muscles, elimination of excess fat , in a short period of time , with best and long-standing results.
Non-surgical lifting with the help of threads came back on the stage , with precise and effective indications, preferable to surgical version.
Microneedling was successfully in cutaneous imperfection, but also for eyes circles , striae and alopecia
In the area of aesthetic services offer , regarding the injectables , the professionals tendency is to avoid overcorrection and to give a natural aspect, the patient`s “”best version””of him/herself.
The future is offering and if the aesthetic procedures from the top are dubled by the medical certification of safety and efficiency, we just have to enjoy and explore this fascinating world of medical aesthetic .procedures.

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