Cojocariu Raluca MD

Cojocariu Raluca MD
Arcadia Hospital

Urticaria and angioedema stress-induced
Author: Raluca Cojocariu

The skin is unique in many ways, being our largest organ and representing the first line of defense of the body in interacting with various elements in the environment.
Stress appears as an adaptation to the “fight or flight” response that occurs in the various psycho-emotional incidents of everyday life. Stress signals act on the hypothalamic-pituitary axis and sympathetic nervous system resulting in a discharge of hormones and mediators that can induce or trigger exacerbations of cutaneous conditions that are based on an immune-mediated mechanism.
Urticaria is a frequent cutaneous-mucosal pathology with sudden onset of erythematous wheals of varying sizes, pruritic, edematous, sometimes painful or burning sensations that spontaneously emerge in less than 24 hours and can reappear in a different area than the initial one, with or without angioedema.
While acute urticaria resolves in less than 6 weeks, chronic urticaria (> 6 weeks) leads to a significant alteration in the quality of life both socially and professionally. An important aspect in correct diagnosis is the discrimination between urticaria as a condition and the urticaria symptom accompanying infectious diseases,autoimmune pathologies, anaphylaxis, hereditary angioedema, oncological pathologies, skin test reactions, mast cell activation syndromes, etc.

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