Cristodor Patricia MD, PhD

Cristodor Patricia MD, PhD
University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara

Looking at nature by the dermatologist eyes
Author: Cristodor Patricia

Dermatology is an integrative discipline, as human skin often represents the screen where scenes and scenarios from the internal pathology are projected. That’s why, besides the specific knowledge, the dermatologists must have an associative vivacity of mind, which should enable them to correlate subvere tle skin clues with internal pathologies – sometimes important and severe – thus unmasking in time disabling or lethal diseases.
Having such an opening of one’s mind towards correlations which are imperceptible to common people, walks in nature become for the dermatologist an opportunity to rejoin with their beloved profession and to reinvent, with a smile, the surrounding nature in dermatological terms.
Because we, the dermatologists, are not surly pettifoggers, but amusing and creative.

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