Diaconeasa Adriana MD

Diaconeasa Adriana MD
S.C.U.C. “Grigore Alexandrescu” Bucharest

Rare pediatric-dermatology cases – diagnostic and therapeutic challenges (short case presentations)
Author: Adriana Diaconeasa

Pediatric dermatology is de facto an unique branch of dermatology, both due to the physiological particularities of the child patient, as well as to the multitude of syndromes with genetic determinism and congenital manifestations. Personally, I would add the important aspect of carefully weighing the benefit/risk ratio when choosing the therapeutic conduct for a child.
This paper brings together six brief case presententions, as various nosological entities. The first four cases refer to neonatal and infant diseases: Incontinentia pigmenti, Hashimoto-Prizker syndrome, Riga-Fede disease and Median raphe cysts of the scrotum. The last two cases are those of some older children – Parakeratosis pustulosa in a 6-year-old girl, as well as a condition that is benign but clinically spectacular – Localized hypertrichosis after immobilization in an orthopedic cast.
The six cases have as common denominator both the character of a rare condition and the fact that the best attitude is to abstein from inappropriate therapeutic interventions in favor of careful clinical supervision. Diagnostic pitfalls and possible overtreatment errors will be discussed.

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