Iordache Iordache Nicolae MD

Iordache Iordache Nicolae MD


Intuitively and counter-intuitively in dermatologist-patient relationship
Author: Iordache Iordache Nicolae

Doctor-patient communication is a rather low priority in the curriculum of medical education in Romania both for medical students or residents. In the same time, patients become more informed, more willing to take part in decisions related with their own healthcare while being exposed to fake information or life-style trends. There are no protocols or guidelines in Romania to orient clinicians on how to communicate with patients based on their current condition in such changing circumstances.
This presentation will prove the need for a new approach, based on systematic scientific research in the field of communication and relation between dermatologists and patient and their families. Likewise, will also indicate inspiration sources for this purpose to those willing to make on their own steps toward the modernization of the dermatologist-patient relationship.

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