Jianu Dana Mihaela MD

Jianu Dana Mihaela MD
ProEstetica Clinic

The treatment of dark circles and facial ageing using simultaneous autologous fat graft, Fractional Laser and PRP – a continuous validation through clinical results and scientific evidences
Author: Dana Jianu

Introduction: Aged looking skin together with dark-circles that print a sad, tired look, is a common cause of dissatisfaction for people of both sexes and as a result of requesting aesthetic surgery services. In order to achieve good and long-lasting results, it is necessary to address these issues at the level of their substrate, namely aging, using methods capable of “setting the clock backwards” through their regenerative properties.
Methods: In ProEstetica Medical Center, since 2008 over 500 patients underwent single stage regenerative closed surgery based on: Autologous Fat Transplant (micrografts since 2008 and nanografts since 2013), redefinition by fat removal (fine lipoaspiration), adipocitolysis (lipolysis) with optical fiber (DIODE LASER λ = 980 nm), fractional CO2 LASER (λ = 10600 nm) for resurfacing and fat graft stimulation and PRP treatment since 2012 (injections and spreading).
Results: Closed face surgical regeneration based on adipose fat transfer, fractional CO2 LASER, LASER lipolysis of jaw line and neck associated with PRP is a long lasting valuable therapeutic alternative to open face lift surgery for rejuvenation, unique for dark circles and good for scars.
Conclusions: The concomitant use of regenerative methods, the possibility of repeating these procedures along with the low number of complications, make this method a very good option for treating dark-circles and aged face. The patients keep their natural appearance, they look younger and more attractive with long term stability of results (more than 1,5 years).

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