Manolache Nicuța MD

Manolache Nicuța MD
“Dunarea de Jos” University, Galati

The role of chronic diseases in the triggering and evolution of CVD-personal study
Authors: Nicuța Manolache, Daciana Elena Brănișteanu, Gabriela Stoleriu

Chronic, inflammatory, progressive, disease that affects the entire lower limb venous system or only a certain anatomical territory whose primary pathophysiological element is venous hypertension, chronic venous disease of the lower limbs (CVD) is a complex multidisciplinary pathology, a problem of public health comparable to cancer, diabetes mellitus or heart failure, in which chronic diseases of other systems also play an important role.
This paper presents the results of a personal survey of 1064 men and women aged 18-85 from rural and urban areas, the group being comprised of patients admitted to the Dermatology Service at the “Anton Cincu” Hospital in Tecuci, patients admitted to the Internal Medicine Department within the same hospital, people from an industrial unit who were working under prolonged static exercise and standing, sedentary persons and healthy subjects with a positive lifestyle..
To investigate the role that chronic diseases have in the onset and evolution of CVD, we have studied the frequency of chronic diseases in patients diagnosed with CVD of inferior limbs and the frequency of CVD in patients with the same chronic diseases, analyzing the time of occurrence of the first signs of decompensation of the return circulation in the lower limbs and their evolution as compared to the time of diagnosis of these chronic conditions, comparing the results obtained with the data from other studies.
From the study we concluded that chronic venous disease of the lower limbs has a high frequency in patients with chronic conditions, influencing their evolution at different degrees and different time intervals. Diseases of the osteo-articular system of the pelvic limbs (arthropathies and fractures) favored the occurrence of CVD the most, the second being diabetes and hepatic diseases (chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and steatosis) and cardiovascular diseases influenced the development of CVD roughly equal.

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