Neagu Monica MD

Neagu Monica MD
“Victor Babeş” National Institute, Bucharest
Clinical Hospital “Colentina”, Bucharest

Up-dates in cutaneous melanoma immunotherapy
Authors: Monica Neagu, Carolina Constantin, Sabina Zurac

With the advent of the new era of immune-therapy, new rapidly emerging aspects are highlighted from both fundamental research and clinical applications.
Recently highlighted in several Dermato-oncology International Congresses have identified the actual trends in melanoma therapy and, far from being exhaustive, we will pinpoint a few. Therefore, one of the most important points in melanoma immuno-therapy is that, due to the approval of several immune-related therapies we are gaining experience from clinical application in terms of adverse effects types, management of them, acquiring resistance, overcoming resistance, using adjuvant therapies and seeking for the best prognosis/efficacy biomarkers.
Another recent trend in this domain is combining newly approved immune-related therapies, looking for best time frame, drug(s) concentration and stratifying patients for the combination. Besides the “classical one”, some new combination of immune therapy approaches will be presented, approaches that are in the clinical trials pipeline.
The limitations of current immune therapy approaches can be bypassed by designing new ones. Thus, actually newly approved drugs have triggered the design of new ones like oncolitic viruses. In this frame T-VEC oncolitic therapy will be presented. Last, but not least newly discovered biomarkers or combination of biomarkers that can better predict immune-related therapy efficacy will be presented.
Acknowledgement. PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0341/2018, EPITRAN COST ACTION 16120/2018

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