Popa Radu Florin MD, PhD

Popa Radu Florin MD, PhD
County Emergency Clinical Hospital “Sf. Spiridon “Iasi

Venous ulcer from chronic venous insufficiency. Why is it still multidisciplinary?
Authors: R.F. Popa, Genoveva Baroi, I. Cazan, Ioana Alexandra Tacu-Suhăreanu, Alexandra Grecu, Cătălina Oana Busuioc, Cătălina Filip, Cristina Strobescu-Ciobanu

Venous trophic ulcer is a major health problem, affecting 1%-2% of the population at some point in life. Although prevalence is higher among the elderly population, 1/3 of those who developed a thigh ulcer have not yet reached the age of 50, and 2/3 of the patients presenting this pathology are below the age of 65 years. Ulcers of venous origin are known to have the highest recurrence rate, with 25% relapsing in the first year.
For a 5 years period 2014-2018, we have had 75 patients with ulcers in the clinic, of which 6 with ulcer age over 6 years. Whether there were ulcers on post-thrombotic syndrome (9) or chronic venous insufficiency (56), treatment required a first dermatological approach until sterilization of the ulcer after which surgical time had passed. The recurrence rate was 2.25%.

Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency with endovenosa laser (EVLO). Six years experience
Authors: R.F. Popa, Genoveva Baroi, I. Cazan, M. Sapaniuc, Marina Gaina, C. Marian, Anda Bulgaru, Cristina Strobescu-Ciobanu

For 6 years 2012-2018 we performed 184 Laser Endovenos interventions using the KLS Martin device.
We used two types of fibers (360 and sphere). We achieved good results with both catheters although the closure time was shorter than the spherical ones.
We had two more complications, both related to the thermal energy emission time: a cutaneous necrosis that required secondary suture in the length of one centimetre on the knee, and the second was residual pain on the venous tract that required subcutaneous tissue resection of venous tissue. In both cases, the evolution was favourable both aesthetically and functionally.

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