Psych. Luca Liliana

Psych. Luca Liliana
University “Dunarea de Jos” Galati

Psychoeducation- fundamental factor in destigmatisation of patient with psoriazis
Authors: Liliana Luca, Ana-Cătălina Chiroșcă, Anamaria Ciubară

Stigmatization is a social process that begins with assigning intense character of humiliation, reject, label of one’s or a group’s status, character which is very hard to get rid of. This fact takes away one’s right of utterly social acceptance and brings prejudice against one’s individual, forcing them into hiding the reason which arose this approach.
On the other hand, the social environment’s actions that bring stigma, are adopted by the stigmatized person itself. The stigmatization existing in the social environment, as much as auto-stigmatization, leads to the birth and development of a stereotype regarding dermatological diseases, one of them being Psoriazis.
Stigmatization influences the behavior of the individual and his conscience of the self, minimizes their autonomy and capacity of social individuality and can cause deviations.
On the other hand, stigmatization is, as well, harmful for society. The act of labeling threatens the social morality and the humane attitude of society, provokes conflicts inside the society. Social stigmatization and the fear of punishment leads to psychological and social alienation, which are both in detriment for the individual and society.
According to the model of social dramaturgy, we will study the method through which patients structure their social self in relations with the ones surrounding him, meaning strategies that will be applied and will evolve in their daily life, to create, preserve and suggest to the others a positive self image.
Conforming to the stigma concept, we will analyse the strategy that patients aply to minimize the effect of people’s negative attitude and the procedure through which these individuals manage the visibility of their stigma.
Psychoeducation represents a defining element, as far as a good medical practice goes, and satisfies a basic right to the beneficiaries and the ones who belongs to it: the right to be informed and involved in the process of rehabilitation.
Psychoeducation is additional to pharmacological and psychological treatment.
The purpose is to increase adhesion to it and to strengthen the therapeutic process. Psychoeducation helps the therapeutic relation, inevitably, because it facilitates the finding of solutions regarding adaptation to a chronic or recurrent disorder, therefore, improves the patient’s quality of life.

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