Radu Cezar-Doru Eng.

Radu Cezar-Doru Eng.
Technical University “Gh. Asachi”

Biomaterials used as temporary therapeutic devices for wound reepithelialization
Authors: C.V. Macarel, V. Rotaru, C.D. Radu

The paper explores the capacity of polymeric compounds of cellulosic or protein-like structure to form a biomaterial as a barrier between the environment and the large surface wound. The microbial growth conditions of cellulose are based on the microorganisms Acetobacter Xilinum. Static and dynamic bacterial growth conditions are assessed. The rheological, dimensional, average polymerization grade specific to the biomaterial obtained are evaluated as compared to those of normal cellulose provided by cotton or other vegetable pulp sources. Bacterial cellulose based on its structure and biocompatibility and antibacterial characteristics are critical considered. The exploratory study on keratin production in human hair for the formation of bacterial cellulose and keratin composite to support tissue development by stem cell implantation is also presented. Protein sub-components of keratin that participate in the formation of growth buds in a large surface wound are considered. The conditions for obtaining a hydrogel from human keratin are presented. A series of tests are carried out on a biomaterial made by bacterial cellulose and keratin hydrogel.

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