Radu Daniela MD, PhD

Radu Daniela MD, PhD
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Victor Babeş” Timisoara

Training path for european phlebologists
Author: Daniela Radu

Background: Until today, implementation of the EU VET tools and recommendation has not been carried out in the field of Phlebology and therefore no harmonized training standards, qualifications and VET accreditation are available. This depends on the fact that this discipline, which deals mostly with the treatments of venous and lymphatic disorders, although fully recognized does not have specific specialization courses in most of the Member States; on the contrary, education and training in topics connected to phlebology are often included in courses having a wider scope.
Aim: We will create the first EU-wide classification and characterization of skills, qualifications and competence in the area of Phlebology. These qualifications will be built by a new VET EU-wide curriculum based on learning outcomes, with transparency and recognition tools.
Method: Several countries were represented in this project by colleagues with activities in the specific field of Phlebology and we began the first drafts for the approval of a Project at the level of the European Commission: Romanian Society of Phlebology, Registro Europeo dei Flebologi, Hellenic Society of Dermatologic Surgery, Europe Vein Center, Associazione Flebologica Italiana, PR.A.IT Soc.Coop.,Europartners s.r.l.,European Health Chamber.
Conclussions: This project contributes to establish a first European training and accreditation path for doctors practicing phlebology. For the first time, a standard EU wide training frame will harmonize the current fragmentation and steps for the formal recognition of the phlebologist inside the medical profession has been launched.

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