Tatu Alin Laurențiu MD, PhD

Tatu Alin Laurențiu MD, PhD
Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Galati

New possible perspectives regarding topical treatment in Vitiligo using Piper Negrum extract
Authors: Mihăilă Bianca, Dinică Rodica Mihaela, Tatu Alin Laurențiu, Buzia Olimpia Dumitriu

In our study, performed by a multidisciplinary team of pharmacists and doctors, we have proven that Piper Nigrum extract and its main alkaloid piperine, promote melanocytic proliferation in vivo, confirming previous research. Ointments which combine Piper Nigrum fruit extract and pure piperine have been tested on human subjects with vitiligo after acquiring the ethics review. Different body locations have been treated using either pure piperine, or the extract alone. On other body zones it has been applied travoprost (prostaglandin F2α analogue) solution or an association of travoprost solution and our products. Every single body zone treated was responsive to treatment. The results obtained using the extract were more rapidly installed and more substantial than the ointment with pure pipericine. Another difference between the two ointments was noted regarding the pattern of repigmentation. Adding travoprost solution, especially to Piper Negrum extract, resulted in speeding the process of repigmentation and modifying the pattern of pigmentation. Results were achieved after 3 weeks of treatment rather than 6 weeks. The side effects were rare, some patients described a slight burning sensation and local redness. Therefore, the Piper negrum extract may become a new therapeutical option for vitiligo, one that has mild side effects and repigmentation occurs in a short period of time. To validate the results of our study, further research should be performed.

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