Ungureanu Gabriela MD

Ungureanu Gabriela MD
County Emergency Hospital Bacău

The role of cutaneous and serological tests in cutaneous and respiratory allergies
Author: Gabriela Ungureanu

Allergies are a chronic systemic illness with different clinical manifestations depending on the condition: cutaneous, respiratory, gastrointestinal, Ent. Therefore, the diagnosis and therapeutic behavior involve multidisciplinary teamwork allergologist, dermatologist, pneumologist, otorhinolaryngologist.
Cutaneous testing is performed only by the physician in the field of clinical allergy-immunology, able to interpret the sensitivity and specificity of the tests, as well as the predictive value, and can provide a long-term prognosis depending on the etiological agent involved.
Serological testing may be recommended by other specialties, but the interpretation of the results, the reliability of the laboratory method, and the cause-effect relationship will be determined by allergen-immunological consultation in a clinical-functional context.
The spectrum of clinical manifestations is varied, involving skin involvement: atopic dermatitis, allergic contact dermatitis, eczema, respiratory: allergic rhinitis, allergic asthma and other immunological determinism diseases that involve extensive serological tests.

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