Lectori internaţionali

Prof. Dr. Torello Lotti (Italia)

President of the World Health Academy, Dermatology;
Dermatology and Venereology Department,
University of Studies Guglielmo Marconi, Rome, Italy

Prof. Lotti is Full Professor of the Dermatology and Venereology at University of Studies Guglielmo Marconi, Rome, Italy. He is President of the World Health Academy….

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Prof. Dr. Khusrow Niazi (S.U.A)

Dr. Niazi is board certified in Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases and Interventional Cardiology by the American Board of Internal Medicine. He has had extensive experience working in some of the leading institutions of the world including USA over the past 25 years. He joined Emory University in 2003. Besides his interventional cardiology skills he brought many innovations to Emory. To high light a few…

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Assoc. Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Tzaneva Stanislava (Austria)

Head of the Phlebologic-Angiological Unit of the University Clinic of Dermatology, Vienna, Austria
Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Trainings: Dermatologist, Specialist for venous diseases and vascular medicine
Affiliations: Member of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology
Member of the Board of the Austrian Society of Phlebology and Dermatological Angiology, Member of Austrian Society of Dermatology and Venereology, Member of Austrian Society of…

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Dr. Yan Valle (Canada)

Centro Studi per la Ricerca Multidisciplinare Rigenerativa 2014 – present
Università degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi
Vitiligo Research Foundation (New York, USA) 2010 – present
Chief Executive Officer
Ethnic Television Network (Toronto, Canada) 2007-2010
VP, Business Development…

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Dr. Katharina Russe Wilflingseder (Austria)

Katharina Russe-Wilflingseder is a board certified Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon and a board certified General Surgeon. She completed her residency in General and Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the University Hospital of Innsbruck, Austria.
Since 1986 she is operating her privately owned clinic and laser center in Innsbruck, Austria and is specialized in Aesthetic Plastic and Laser Surgery…

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Prof. Dr. Andrew Nicolaides (Marea Britanie)


Professor Andrew Nicolaides is a graduate of the Pancyprian Gymnasium (Nicosia) and Guy’s Hospital Medical School (London University 1962), and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons England, and the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh (1967)…

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Dr. Martine Vigan (Franţa)

M.D., PhD Private practitioner in Dermatology, Lyon, France
Specialist in dermatology and awarded a diploma in study of allergies
In charge of teaching at the university of Besançon
Responsible for the Functional Unit of Study of allergies of the Hospital St Jacques, Besançon
Doctorate in medicine in1978: thesis of medicine : ”Allergy in the nickel and the atopy…

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Dr. Riccardo Pampena (Italia)

M.D. Freelance Dermatologist, Centro Oncologico ad Alta Tecnologia Diagnostica, Azienda Unità Sanitaria Locale IRCCS di Reggio Emilia, Italy
Dr. Riccardo Pampena is a board-certified Dermatologist specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers.
He obtained his degree in Surgery and Medicine (MD) from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome in 2011 with full mark; then, he became a board-certified Dermatologist (full mark)…

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Dr. Davinder Parsad (India)

Currently working as Professor at Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Chandigarh and Hony Professor at University “G” Marconi, Italy.
Main area of research is vitiligo– pathogenesis and treatment both medical and surgical.
180 publications and published about 100 papers on vitiligo only in International journals.
Chaired/co-chaired, presented invited/guest lectures, papers at more than 100…

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Prof. Dr. Manfred Herold (Austria)

Manfred Herold received his PhD in Chemistry in 1975 and his MD in 1981 both at the university of Innsbruck and got his board certification in Internal medicine 1986, in laboratory medicine 1992 and in Rheumatology 1999. Beside his work as doctor in general internal medicine his work focused to Rheumatology within the last years. Beside his clinical work he is head of the autoimmunology laboratory since many years.

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Prof. Dr. Aristides M. Tsatsakis (Grecia)

Professor, Academician Aristidis Tsatsakis, PhD, ERT, DSc, FATS, DHonC, DHonC, DHonC, HonProf, FMRAS and FMWAS is the Director of the Department of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences of the Medical School at the University of Crete and the University Hospital of Heraklion. Prof Tsatsakis has published well over 1000 works (articles in journals…

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Prof. Dr. Rene Milleret (Franţa)

M.D. Pezenas, France

Endovenous techniques have been available since 20 years , steam since 10 years .Being the most versatile method it is well suited for treating C 6 patients , who often offer a complex hemodynamic pattern . In this presentation will not deal with chronic Iliac obliteration , but they must be diagnosed and treated…

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Assis. Prof. Dragana Nikitovic (Grecia)

Present address: Laboratory of Anatomy-Histology-Embryology, Medical School, University of Crete, Voutes PC 71003, Heraklion, Greece
Group Leader for Hyaluronan signaling in cancer, inflammation and cytotoxicity
Dragana Nikitovic is an Assistant Professor at the School of Medicine, University of Crete (UOC) in Heraklion, Greece. She earned BSc in Biochemistry from…

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Dr. Christiane Deydier (Franţa)








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Dr. Griffin Maura
Prof. Dr. Harry Moseley
Dr. Brigitte Balme
Dr. Aleksandra Vojvodic


Dr. Vishal Madan
Dr. Mario Trelles
Dr. Libra Massimo

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